Ard Ri’ na h’Eireann – Wayne Hislop

These words that I
Feed are camouflaged
In an elusive trap
The course in strategy
Isn’t revealed in battlefields dwellings
To its original origins, composed from a plan
And unleashed to a foothold into a
Eventual step onto the front-lines
payouts’ expendable because
deaths doses favored in the embodiment
of hero’s
static cerebro energy attacks
commence in its failings
in my council in its dealings to unite
And take-out the infiltrator.

Me, my-self and Testudo are well dispersed
In the nows
a different charge has been deployed by the living enemy
that finds it way somehow to me, piecing the shields
that place up against it.

But I can’t see it
It takes shape, that I know not
it fools me with its creamy words
that drip in me like a second blood
it is me and yet it befriends me
Shares me and stairs into me
like no other!

This strategy sits like hoarfrost
That settled as an invader
Defrost seeks asylum as my foe.

Wayne Hislop September 2013

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  • Wayne hislop

    Hi I’m sorry I didn’t know that you published my poem Thank you!

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