Becoming Pink: Lorraine Carey

Becoming Pink: Lorraine Carey

Slathered in a vernix coat,

you slithered out to my relief

with ten toes and two perfect hands

bunched into tiny fists.

Your fingers opened and little arms flailed,

at odds with vastness after the final

weeks cramped in the dark.

Lung pockets filtered your breaths

without a second thought,

your independence sealed

with a clamp.

Like a marshmallow,

dip-dyed and plump

your brand new heart

started to pump blood,

under the stinging lights

and midwives changing shifts

and I watched you, from purpley blue

turn a delicious pink.

About the author

Lorraine Carey

Lorraine Carey was born in Coventry, England and moved to Greencastle, Co. Donegal as a child. Her poems have featured in : The Honest Ulsterman, Vine Leaves, Quail Bell, Poethead, Poetry Breakfast, The Galway Review, A New Ulster, Olentangy Review, Proletarian, Stanzas, Live Encounters and ROPES. Her debut collection From Doll House Windows will be published by Revival Press in May. She now lives in Co. Kerry.

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  • Barbara Derbyshire

    Congratulations to Lorraine Carey. A poet from her heart and with language so rare. My absolute favourite Irish poet.

  • Yvonne Davies

    Beautiful poem.

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