Burgundy: Edward Power

Burgundy: Edward Power

Burgundy, the word, intones

a cold wet colour, the way

mist clung to gravestones,

the way we clung to daylight

grim though it fell on things

in that burgundy place

and all those strange names

coiling in and out of moss,

french or english they mean bones

nothing more, the name

we gave young bones, fresh cries

at a baptisimal font,

spiritual slap-on-the-arse.

and it is sadder here where a child

who can no longer cry

lies deep on a mattress of his father’s bones

and an eiderdown of his mother’s.

a small, holy family for sure

they had their golden hour

she wears burgundy in her photo

her mouth smiles it

the greatest flower

they planted, pressed between them

now, dried between pages

pressed between bones

bookmarked by stones

one afternoon

all grief turned burgundy

at home, his sister played

funeral in a doll’s house

painted her mouth burgundy.

that is what it means now,

what the colour has become.

one small sad child in a lonely room;

another, half in heaven, half in clay.

About the author

Edward Power

Edward Power is a short story writer and poet living on the instep of the foothills in countryside near Waterford city, Ireland. His poetry has been widely published in Ireland and he won the prestigious Listowel Poetry Prize for Best Collection in 2003. Short stories have appeared in The Second Blackstaff Book of Irish Short Stories, New Irish Writing, The Moth, and elsewhere. He is a small publisher and is a weekly columnist for a well-known Irish magazine.

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    […] Our featured poem this month was from Edward Power, caled Burgundy, charting the colour burgundy throughout his piece in a sad, lonely way that keeps consistent throughout. Read the poem here >> […]

    • edward denniston

      Great to see a new poem from Edward Power (not Dwyer) -as always, full of intent, with a quiet intensity about what preoccupies.

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