Issue 13: Burgundy

Burgundy is a brownish-red most associated with wine. Variations and other names of the colour include maroon, cherry, wine, plum and so on, all evoking a rich, luxurious colour. For a while, burgundy was the most popular colour for lipstick especially by people who identified with the goth culture. Burgundy has also been a popular color for sheets and pillow covers and one can probably find them in many a hotel room or guest bedroom.

As with every month, we have the difficult choice to pick one poem and one short story, which is never an easy task. We had a record number of short story entries this month. Much of entries focus of entries was on wine but there were poems and short stories about red onions and bedsheets amongst other burgundy things.

Our featured poem this month was from Edward Power, called Burgundy, charting the colour burgundy throughout his piece in a sad, lonely way that keeps consistent throughout. Read the poem here >>

Our featured story is from Fionn Murray with What Sharks are Made of. It is a rare read, over thirteen pages in length and visually strange. Words hang out here and there but as we read and hear from the main character, we see why the words play on the page this way. They show the inner thoughts and fears of a father gone wrong and lost. Keep reading and all is revealed word by word and with an emotional ending that just stops… Read the story here >>

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Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis' first collection of poetry, Jewtown, was published by Doire Press in 2016. http://www.simonlewis.ie

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