Coors Light: Órla Fay

Coors Light: Órla Fay

Coors Light

Woken in the a.m. to her

unhappy, tear-stained visage,

make-up streaked, smudged,

fading as the night’s happier

flawless beginning…

how they had argued,

he’d disappeared,

wouldn’t answer his phone now,

his phone going straight to voicemail…


and what would you say to him,

if you spoke directly from the heart?

Would he really listen?

If you could untangle yourself

from the thorns of insecurity

and he could let down his guard,

risk it all to cut right through them?

(I’d been reading The Beauty Myth)


A visitor to the doorstep

breaks the conversation,

a plump brown hedgehog,

bristles down and comfortable

in our presence,

silent as a therapist,

unperturbed by the black cat too,

who daily crosses our path.


Renowned for their slowness

I am amazed to soon after

find no trace or trail

of our coffee friend

who resonant as a preacher

seemed to echo

the unspoken wisdom:

talk about it tomorrow

when you are both sober

About the author

Órla Fay is the editor of Boyne Berries Magazine. Recently her work has appeared in Abridged, Boyne Berries, Crannóg, HeadStuff, The Poetry Porch, The Pickled Body, Tales from the Forest, An Anthology of Reactions, Three Drops from a Cauldron, Skylight 47, The Ofi Press and is forthcoming in The Ogham Stone. She keeps a blog at

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