Issue 16: Coral

Coral is a pinky, reddish, orangey sort of colour that gives out a warm sense of calm to a room. It is not as energetic as red or orange but is a, sort of, in between affair. You will find it gracing rooms as a warm pop of colour and it tends to be found in clothing as a more subtle colour to power reds or brash pinks. In some sects of Hinduism, it is coral that is the first chakra.

Our last issue brought us some very interesting pieces based on the colour coral and, as usual, we have picked out 2 pieces – a poem and a piece of prose.

Our featured poet for our final issue is Gaynor Kane with her poem North Sea Discovery, a sea voyage exploring the mind of a creator. You can read it here >>

Our featured prose writer described her piece in her submission as a spoken poem but we felt that it fitted much more nicely into our prose section. My Coral Fantasy by Wiktoria Drzewiecka is a piece of writing that speaks from a very personal and raw place. The narrator is looking back on a failed relationship and gives the reader some good, concrete nature images to latch onto. Everyone has been here and we hope the best is to come for the narrator. You can read it here >>

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank every single writer who took the time to email us with their entries over the last 16 months, We feel we have gathered together 16 excellent poems and 16 excellent pieces of prose with a healthy mix of new and established writers living in Ireland and scattered around the world. We’d like to thank Angela Carr too, for listing this journal in her monthly list of submission opportunities. It was no coincidence that we received quite a number of submissions the day after her list was published. This journal has received no funding and all costs have been taken on by us. We would dearly love to create a printed version of Sixteen but we know we are one of dozens of literary magazines in Ireland. Will we do a third volume? It’s very likely that we will and it will probably take on a different format. The only thing we will have to stick with is to relate it to the title of the magazine.

About the author

Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis' first collection of poetry, Jewtown, was published by Doire Press in 2016.

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