Five Go To Sark – Brian Quigley

Blyton scholars have tracked down

a presumed-lost draft

of a never-published Famous Five novel

to an attic in Wigan.


‘Five Go To Sark’,

set between ‘Five on Finniston Farm’

and ‘Five Go to Demon’s Rock’

sees the Five visit the island of Sark –

the last feudal outpost of the British Isles,

in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.


George’s dad Professor Quentin Kirrin

has been invited to Sark by the Seigneur

to help get Sark designated

a Dark Sky Community.


As it’s the summer holidays

the Five come in tow.

At first they’re just enjoying

crossing La Coupee,

swimming in Dixcart Bay

and downing cream teas

at the La Sablonnerie Hotel,

but it isn’t long before

they’re on the case

of some silver smugglers

working out of Les Fontaines Bay.

Needless to say, they save the day.

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