Gone: Emmaleene Leahy

Gone: Emmaleene Leahy

Plunged into sudden blackness. Electricity gone. Heart pounded and pumped with panic until you’d appear. Your shake was the rattle of a matchbox.

Us, soothed by the first spark of your strike and the whispery hiss of ignition. Shhh it’s ok. You flitted from room to room, impervious to the darkness, a floating face illuminated by the orange glow.

The candle flickered indistinct shapes over the room. Your shadow danced behind you as you’d stand still, staring at the flame, delicately pinching the burnt up shrivel until the flare dwindled away.

Now, you are gone.

I burned my fingertips and dropped it all.

The box is upended, contents discarded on the floor, a tangle of matches. All unlit except for one.

There’s a sharp smell of sulphur. The stalk of the burning head is knotted in amongst the rest, leaning on some, holding up others. As the fire sizzles to life it begins the slow crawl. It is only a matter of time before the rest catch light. The whole little bundle will burn and then blaze with fury until it resigns itself to a crumbling pile of charcoal twigs.


About the author

Emmaleene Leahy

Emmaleene Leahy has 1st class Hons M.A. in Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama and 1st class Hons in Creative Writing for Publication. Winner of competitions with Carousel Writers', Dublin Book Festival #DBF2015 Scary Story and Original Writing. Short-listed with Filmbase/RTE Short Shots, Retreat West Flash Fiction, Big Smoke Writing Factory’s The 99, Twisted Tales 2014, #PDHorror and Liberties Festival 2015. Long-listed with Fish Publishing Flash Fiction Prize 2013 and 2016, RTE guide/Penguin Short Story 2014 and Brilliant Flash Fiction Photo-Prompt Writing Contest. Published in FlashFlood, Wordlegs, Eating my Words, Boyne Berries, RTE Radio1 The Book Show’s 100 Words 100 Books, The Ogham Stone, Spontaneity.org and elsewhere.

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