Issue 6: Green

Given the colour, we had lots of nature-inspired work from our writers this month. Nature usually suits poets a bit better than short story writers and there were tonnes of poems sent in. It would be fair to say that almost every piece of work sent in had some connection with nature.

In the poetry section, there was fierce competition and ultimate it came down to choosing between two very strong poems. Cliff Wedgbury’s Green Forest won out in the end but it would be wrong not to mention John MacDonald and his witty poem about cucumbers called The Claim of This Body Wash. Ultimately, however, Green Forest won out with its simple message about how man and his machine kill green. Wedgbury presses home the importance of looking after the environment without being preachy or judgemental. Read the poem here >>

Our featured short story writer is Beth Strange with her story The Big Green. The first line gives the reader great confidence. A sure and strong opening that maintains the force until the grim ending. Yes, this short piece has an environmental message to convey but the writing and the scenes were very good. This piece has all the makings of a horror film. The image of the green growth splitting the bones of humans apart is hard to get out of one’s head. It perfectly transformed the theme of green in a creative and personal way. Strong stuff. Read the story here >>


About the author

Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis' first collection of poetry, Jewtown, was published by Doire Press in 2016.

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