Issue 15: Grey

Grey has become one of the most popular colours in recent times, emerging from its dull reputation. In many houses, it forms the foundation colour of many rooms paired together with a bright pop of colour. Grey is the colour of stone which gives us images of rocky cliffs, graveyards, castle walls or pebbles on a beach. It is the colour of an old person’s hair and thus the association with old age. It is the colour of mist or clouds. If you polish grey enough, it can become silver. If you leave it be, it can become a grimy, dull mould.

This month’s featured poet is Kevin Conroy with his poem, Witnessing from the Grey Zone, a very interesting commentary of how women emerge from the shadows to making massive shifts in the world order. Read his poem here >>

The featured short story is from Csilla Toldy with Prologue to Finding Freedom. This is a prologue to a novel but reads very well as a standalone piece too. It is just well written, very carefully written with a wonderful stamp of the setting and atmosphere and then introduces the main character to us in an unforgettable way. Read it here >>

About the author

Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis' first collection of poetry, Jewtown, was published by Doire Press in 2016.

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