Holiday Beach: William Wall

Holiday Beach: William Wall

a soft breeze
from the east
thirty degrees
centigrade glass-
blue the

sea & another
dead child in
a colourful

About the author

William Wall is the author of four novels, two volumes of short fiction and three collections of poetry. His collection The Yellow House, which contains this poem, is due for publication from Salmon in September 2016. His third volume of short fiction, The Islands, will be published by Pittsburgh University Press in October 2017. He is the 2017 winner of the Drue Heinz Prize for Literature and the Doolin Prize for poetry. His work has many many prizes and been translated into many languages. He translates from Italian. More information at

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  • […] Our featured poet is William Wall with his poem, Holiday Beach. This very short poem does the trick of leading you down a false road where when you reach the end you get a punch to the stomach. It’s a heart-wrenching piece, all the more sad because it is an issue happening right now. Read it here >> […]

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