My Pledge of Allegiance

My Pledge of Allegiance
by Hugh A Tague

A worm blindly spins the thread;
A fragile, meaningless thread.
Wove in unity with others,
Its true wealth not inherent.

A mast tethered swatch of silk
Dancing upon the gentle breeze.
Colored with bravery and sacrifice,
It becomes the standard of many.

Waiving an overture to the day
Exalted, the ensign flies on high.
Mankind’s clannish nature insure
Its dominion forever stands abstract.

For each combat-hardened gonfalon
Victorious upon the field of battle;
Blended with blood, another’s colors
Envelope the soil where it succumbs.

An oriflamme that burns for some
Deny the inclusion of a whole.
O’ to have a banner unite a species,
I pledge my allegiance to all Humanity.

Graphic Design  by Marc Arroyo

Graphic Design
by Marc Arroyo

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