New Republic Plaza – Gerard Hanberry

I come here from time to time,

my head full of puzzles


to read the graffiti and mingle

with the flag-wavers,


the fanatics, light in their eyes

unfurling like pennons


as they glare on those of us

who prefer a quiet life.


If questioned, I retreat with shrugged shoulders,

slipping away into the befuddlement of side streets


where my suspicions can go undetected

among those busy feathering their own nests.


Here in the shadows, bundled in doorways,

the children of the nation sing the old ballads


their hum of despair rising like balloons,

above the entire city.


Gerard Hanberry has published four collections of poetry. His most recent poetry collection is called ‘What Our Shoes Say About Us’ published by Salmon Poetry. This follows ‘At Grattan Road’ (Salmon Poetry) published in 2009.  He has also published a biography of the Wilde family ‘More Lives Than One …the Remarkable Wilder Family Through the Ages’ (The Collins Press). 

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