Issue 10: Orange

Orange is a colour of  joy, warmth, heat and sunshine. It is the colour of fire and sunsets. Unlike red, it carries less aggression with it and is one of those colours that has little negativity towards it. It also is the colour and name of one of the most delicious fruits! It might be a difficult word to rhyme but that didn’t stop a load of poems coming into our email.

This month we had orange juice dripping from the majority of pieces, with the fruit featuring heavily in submissions. If oranges thought they didn’t have enough adjectives associated with them, they only need to look at the entries we received! However, it wasn’t all citrus fruit – we received poems and stories about sunsets and fire and lots more! However, as always, there can only be one featured poet and short story writer.

Our featured poet is William Wall with his poem, Holiday Beach. This very short poem does the trick of leading you down a false road where when you reach the end you get a punch to the stomach. It’s a heart-wrenching piece, all the more sad because it is an issue happening right now. Read it here >>

Our featured short story is Orange Ya Glad, by Frances Browner. There was a good sense of dark humour about the ageing process in this story and we enjoyed reading it. Read it here >>

About the author

Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis' first collection of poetry, Jewtown, was published by Doire Press in 2016.

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  • Frances Browner

    Thanks Simon, this is great!

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