Quarters – Safi Strand

Did you see that house that they cut into four?
Like the way they built us up till
we divided.
The way you moved through me,
like hot steel through softened cement.

Do you remember that night when we danced?
Like a dance with a building that was never quite home,
but it creaked as our hearts jumped up stairs;
and even when they pulled us apart,
we still looked like one.
Hand in hand, brick on brick,
like another fearless dance concert.

Will you think of me when our quarters crumble?
When the tiles slide off and the rain
drips through and the wind blows in and
cracks our open sides?
When the earthquake comes
to shake our foundations
and we’re only rubble and memories?
Because the wind vane in spinning
and they say a storm is building
and they’ve cut our roof in four.

Maybe the water can make us whole.

One Response to Quarters – Safi Strand

  • Hugh

    Absolutely enchanting,
    Well Done!

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