Issue 2: Red

Red is arguably the most passionate of colours bringing extreme emotions with it. It is the colour of love, seduction and anger. In Asia it is the colour of luck and used to denote a rise in the stock markets whereas in the western world going into the red means the opposite. Red is a colour that is noticed by human beings: red is the colour of fire engines, signs on the road, and so on. It is said that men are very attracted to red but 8% of them cannot see it! There are lots of different shades of red: vermillion, scarlet, crimson, ruby and many many more. In surveys, it is generally in people’s top two favourite colours.

We had a huge amount of poetry and prose sent to us this month. We had a record number of prose pieces since we started this magazine in 2014. Many of our stories and poems focused on women wearing red dresses, scarves or lipstick. Choosing one story and one poem is always difficult, especially when many of our entries are from very well-established writers. If you weren’t chosen this time, it isn’t a reflection on your writing. Sometimes, it comes down to the small things, to do with the reader rather than the writer.

Having said all that, we’re delighted to announce that Sandra Gibson is our featured prose writer this month. Sandra’s piece, First Blood, showcased a unique storytelling voice and the images that conjured up really connected with the reader. Read the Story Here.

Maurice Devitt is this month’s featured poet with his poem, Growing Up in Colour, a lovely take on childhood through to teenage years before hinting at the loss of innocence. The colour red sparks up through the beiges, greys and dark whites cleverly throughout the poem. Read the Poem Here.

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Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis' first collection of poetry, Jewtown, was published by Doire Press in 2016.

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