Releasing Pale Blue Balloons – Stephanie Conn

Releasing Pale Blue Balloons – Stephanie Conn

I find you curled up at the bottom

of a long breath, having followed whispered

instructions from the front of the room.

I draw the air deep into my belly,

let it become a balloon, feel the skin

grow round beneath my splayed fingers.

My ribs stretch and I discover you there –

in the space you did not fill, just like

your brother; gone at the exact same point;

raindrop days, unmarked in a diary.

I’ve come to accept your failure and mine

but remember how, for a short time,

we grew together. My breath snags scarred

tissue, lingers, exhales into the light. 

About the author

Stephanie Conn

A former teacher and graduate of the MA programme at the Seamus Heaney Centre, Stephanie recently won the Yeovil Poetry Prize, Funeral Service NI prize, the inaugural Seamus Heaney Award for New Writing and the Poetry Business Pamphlet Competition. She is a recipient of an Arts Council Career Enhancement Award. Her first collection, ‘The Woman on the Other Side’ is published by Doire Press. Her pamphlet ‘Copeland’s Daughter’ is out now with Smith/Doorstep.

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  • Blue | Sixteen Magazine

    […] We had a large number of poems to go through and there were some poems that would happily sit in any anthology and to pick just one was always going to be difficult.  However, when it came down to it, Stephanie Conn’s Releasing Pale Blue Balloons, a heart-breaking poem about loss and remembering loss clenched my whole body. There’s an anthology called “Poems to Make Grown Men Cry” and this would have fitted into it easily. Read the poem here. […]

  • Anne Casey

    Achingly beautiful.

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