Santorini Airport, Dusk: Heather Bryant

Santorini Airport, Dusk: Heather Bryant

It is just past sunset when we land on this Cycladic

Island—I have been traveling for twenty-four hours

From central Pennyslvania to Philadelphia to

Zurich, to Athens, and now at last to this final

Destination—a volcanic island ringed by the

Agean Sea, almost the southernmost land of


Greece—the light is fading apricot tinged with

Turquoise—I have been sitting next to a wedding

Dress, one that took up a whole seat—when I


Step off the plane, and walk down the

Narrow metal stairs I can see all around—

Warm air suffuses and surrounds me—for the

First time in awhile, I take in one long full


Breath of happiness as I walk towards a taxi .

About the author

Heather Bryant

Heather Corbally Bryant teaches in the Writing Program at Wellesley College. She received her A.B. from Harvard, her PhD from the University of Michigan. She published How Will the Heart Endure: Elizabeth Bowen and the Landscape of War,” (University of Michigan Press, 1992). She also has six books of poetry: Cheap Grace, Finishing Line Press, (2011); Lottery Ticket, Parallel Press Poetry Series of the University of Wisconsin Libraries (2013); Compass Rose, Finishing Line Press (2016). My Wedding Dress, her first full-length volume of poetry, (2016) Thunderstorm, (2017) and Eve’s Lament, forthcoming from Finishing Line Press (2018).

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