Skeleton in Manhattan – Orla Carty

They drank champagne until their shirts came off,
She ripped open her shoe,
Just to see what was actually inside a Jimmy Choo.
Oh she laughed and laughed, they all laughed,
Until one started to cry,
She just rolled her eyes.

Parental neglect, they were used to it by now,
A thought of consoling, being kind,
Did cross her mind.
But the headmistress’s son was up at the bar,
Flirting with wine,
Waitress batting her eyes.

A few hours later She was the one in tears,
Lying in a gutter,
Glass grazing her heel of butter.
Come morning time and she’d staggered home,
The maid hadn’t realised,
Didn’t even blink an eye.

Two weeks since it had happened and her closet,
Still gagged at the stench,
How had it not been discovered yet?
No coco channel no.5 could mask it,
No way to disguise,
Nose was stronger than eyes.

She collapsed on her feather mattress,
Trembling and oh Audrey Hepburn,
A poster of perfection,
But did she normally grimace like that?
The panic hits high,
Always with a twitching eye.

She scrabbled the skin just over her heart,
Caking beneath her fingernails,
Breathing completely failed.
It was an accident, just an accident,
Not deliberate, she didn’t try
To create such blank blank eyes.

She stank.
It stank.
He stank.

Audrey could smell him.

Bio: I am a second year Creative Writing student at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Having written since I was very young, I received a Creative Points Scholarship from NUIG before being admitted into the university. I am a committee member of NUIG’s Writer’s Society and have been published in student anthologies as well as the society’s publications. I have won the Wexford Art and Poetry Competition (2003) and second place in the Salerno Creativity Award (2013) and write for my University’s newspaper ‘Sin’.

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