Issue 11: Tan

Tan is a colour that evokes many feelings – the feel of the sun on skin to the texture of leather or suede. While tan is the exotic name for this lighter of browns, its closely related (and possibly the same) colour is beige, a rather inoffensive, yet known to be a boring colour. To be called tanned in Ireland is almost a complement. To be called beige is certainly not! Perhaps due to the sun being out, this month was quiet on the submission front but the quality of them was excellent. Most of the entries were about the tan you get from the sun but there were a few other interpretations too.

As with every month, we had the difficult task of choosing just one poem and one short piece of fiction. Even though we had a small number of entries, it didn’t make the task any easier with some excellent submissions.

Our featured poet this month was Noel King who managed to be one of the few poems not about the tan you get from the sun. His poem was about the Black and Tans and was a haunting piece about his grandmother with a wonderful image at its end. Read it here >>

Our featured short story writer was Noelle Kelly with her story, ‘Tan’, and Rozz liked every bit of it! The story starts memoir-like but changes into a “Handmaid’s Tale” reimagining of a dystopian world with no sun, tan or UVA/UVB destruction! Is this a good or bad thing? The story makes us ask questions and wonder about life. Just like every good piece of fiction should do, in my opinion, or at least the stories! Rozz also loved the descriptions where the writer remembers her old life and describes her new one in a bubble in vivid colours and where her books are all taken away from her. Read it here >>

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Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis' first collection of poetry, Jewtown, was published by Doire Press in 2016. http://www.simonlewis.ie

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