The Bench – Joanna Mackintosh

The bench had never looked quite as empty as it did today. The night’s falling snow had paid little care to the silent memories which rested just underneath its crystal ice. So many vibrant loves and cares played out over so many years and many seasons, and yet on this cold November morning, they seemed so distant, so lost. Yet, as I rest gingerly upon the cold wet wood, my mind recalls such wonderful dreams.

Upon the snow I see our footprints, treading side by side, we skip and dance amongst the tree’s like mice in fields of barley; and as I close my eyes I hear our laughter bounce from branch to branch. No ice, nor snow or bitter breeze could block our warmth inside.

Yet here i sit upon this bench, clutching at the arms that you once held, but as I rub the snow clear from your name, I know that we will never be apart. For I will sit here what-ever the season in the spot that we once sat. And close my eyes and hear the sounds of our happiness in this park. I love you, and you love me and forever we will be, together on a brass nameplate on a bench surrounded beyond with trees.

Bio: Joanna Mackintosh is a 31 year old mother of three and author from Forres, Scotland. She writes mainly horror and science fiction and is looking forward to the publication of her new novel ‘Symbiosis’ later this year. 

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