The Heart Speaks Out: Trevor Conway

I renounce all pretence of romance

In relation to my existence.


I am a pulsing fist of muscle,

Enticing blood from lungs,


Sending its nutrients to brain and liver,

Bone and nerve, strong as an arched sail.


I draw it from tired cells,

Feed it with new purpose,


Throbbing incessantly under the skin,

Each beat given all my force.


When I miss my cue in another’s presence,

It is the brain that instructs me.


Ribs have deemed me worthy of protection,

Though I’m no more precious than liver.


A million litres pass through me,

So don’t cite me when talking of love.


I am not its representative:

Dangle that accolade from another organ.


But there’s a kind of romance in how I work.


Trevor Conway, a Sligoman living in Galway since 2005, writes mainly poetry, fiction and songs. He’s drawn to write about nature, creativity, football and people/society. His work has appeared in magazines and anthologies across Ireland, Austria, India, the UK, the US and Mexico, where his poems have been translated into Spanish. He is a contributing editor for The Galway Review, and his first collection of poems was published by Salmon Poetry in 2015 ( Trevor’s mother likes some of these poems, but finds a few of them “a bit weird”.

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