The Pink Moon of Valdor: Gloria Ames

The Pink Moon of Valdor: Gloria Ames

Unsullied by obstructions, the full, bright pink moon crested the horizon and peered through the shimmering, rainbow mist. Transforming the falling snow to a pink shower, the hush was reverential. My family stepped gingerly through the soft powdery ground snow. It felt like a glorious dream, an enchanted cloak of pink.

A single flame pierced the scene, destroying the solemnity. Soon, it was followed by myriad others, the whole village and hence the whole planet had come.  Bright pink candles cast shadows and their eerie beauty changed the oneness of the landscape.

The unbroken pink background had made them realize more than ever how much they were alike and essential to each other.

The silence continued, undisturbed by even a single murmur of a human throat, or shuffling movements, the populace was frozen in awe of the miraculous. Minor differences were forgotten and hurts assuaged. Anger cooled, regret vanished, hope flared brightly. The pink glow softened the sharp edges of the world and their mental duress.  The hearts of all were changed, peace pervaded, happiness was infectious.

Knowing they were the first humans to witness this rare occurrence increased the enjoyment.  The pink moon of their new planet, Valdor, appeared once every ten years and these settlers had only been here for seven. They would be the last to witness it for another ten years, although new settlers would be arriving soon from Earth.

Pink would now be a symbol, their new beacon of friendship and community.

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Gloria Ames

I just started writing and am still looking to be published, but I am really enjoying it. I am a retired radiation therapist and retail store manager. A long time resident of South Florida, I have three lovely sons and five perfect grandkids who are reminding me how fun childhood is.

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