The Priest and The Patriot – Margaret O Driscoll

During night hours dark as hell
We prayed together in his cell
A British soldier knocked on the cell door
The time was up, death lay in store
He tied Sean’s hands behind his back
Tied a cloth over his eyes
Pinned white paper over his heart
Told to be ready for his demise
Sean kissed the crucifix in my hand
Linked arms I walked with him to the firing squad
This noble freedom fighter died
His face lit up, he was with God

About the author

Margaret O Driscoll is a very busy mother of seven and grandmother of eleven. She likes to write poems about nature and funny incidents, among other topics, but also writes about serious issues that affect the lives of many people. Many of her poems have been published in various anthologies and magazines. One of her poems is being reproduced by Hodder Education UK for a GCSE English Literature publication. She likes reading, dancing, singing, gardening and spending time with her grandchildren.

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