The Soothsayer – Emmaleene Leahy

Flames lick the sky ravenously and ribbons of smoke entwine to inform the gods that ours is a city under siege.

Begrudgingly attractive, our city is aware of its own shortcomings, built on the ability to embrace failure.

Eyes sting and weep as I squint to witness the attempts of the rebels to release us from the leash of an invisible king, his greed tempered by privilege.

Their dignity dismissing the danger, daring to dream of the impossible.

After the inevitable executions and disintegration of monuments, I will bring possibilities here.

I survive at an angle to the moment, at the edge of the endeavour. I bide my time quietly to insinuate my way into the future, etch out the living words from the soot of the dead. I will unwrap from the debris, a redemptive language, to recover the meaning of our existence, to resonate in an enduring dimension.


Emmaleene Leahy’s work appears in FlashFlood, Wordlegs, Eating my Words, The Scum Gentry, Boyne Berries, 100 Words 100 Books, The Ogham Stone and elsewhere.

Successful in competitions with Carousel Writers’, Fish, RTE Guide/Penguin Short Story, The 99, Twisted Tales, #PDHorror , Brilliant Flash Fiction, Liberties and Original Writing.


Twitter: @Emmaleene1

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