The Terracotta Girls – James Fitzpatrick

Butchered, in the modern Kiln of the obsequious,
Infected, by the septic words
Of a feral Baachus,
Laying, tongue tied by the Ghosts
Of the All quietened,
Damned, by brotherly Disputation.

Their sadness shimmers in ‘Ciceric’ ripples,
Slain by the hair of horse,
Pommelled by the Rustic Marionette,
They lay Silently Screaming, unheard
Amid the Vapours, of pungent still air….

It ends, outside the Maternal Asclepeion,
Cut by the sharpened lips of Orphic Adsentatores,
Broken by the beating heart of Humos,
They are Drown, beneath waves of Nobian tears,
Holding the hand of Isis….

The ‘Terracotta Girls’ relates to Women’s Rights, or lack of, in Ireland, through a number of decisions either by Law (Rape case decisions) or Doctor (Organ retention and Savita Halappanavar case). It follows the story of a female Gladiator lying on a stone slab under the Colosseum, dying from lack of attention to her wounds, and her fighter’s rights.

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