Wealthy with Love

Wealthy with Love
By Hugh A Tague

Georgia’s sweet anglo angels Eva and Con
Sipping from silver spoons safely in Sligo
Rounded in youth by wealth, literature, and art
Inside them both beat Sir Henry’s kind heart

Abbey buffs Constance, Maud, Yeats and the Count
Playing for Eva’s Suffragist sent Churchill packing
Found were Colum’s journals of a nationalist divide
Con and Maud kowtowed to the revolutionary side

Behind iron bars, Daughters of Ireland confined
Just the first of many for these two brave lasses
Helena and Con’s message, sent by fire and stone
Dear land thou art not conquered yet” by the throne

A rooftop sniper felt her fury, that Easter day
Machineguns rained hot led from atop the Shelbourne
Lieutenant Markievicz did all she could to hold the green
Barricaded and dug-in amongst Erie’s grass and trees

Jeered in the streets by those she fed and clothed
Fifteen fell fast to the injustice of the crown
I do wish your lot had the decency to shoot me
I did what I thought was right and I stand by it,” said she

Battle after battle, year after year, she fought
Imprisoned in Cork for her words of freedom
Proud Irish girls and boys became her scouts
Her jewels forfeit fed poor kids and those locked out

Shy of three score, her legacy selfless and great
Clothed in physical courage and a hospital gown
She lay in a public ward, indigent at first sight
Wealthy with Love; our hero of all that is Right.


Countess Constance Georgine Markievicz, née Gore-Booth

by John Butler Yeats

by John Butler Yeats


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