Issue 4: White

We chose white for our December issue because of its association with Christmas. However, interestingly, nobody sent us a Christmas themed submission! Thankfully white is also associated with other things in the world: purity, innocence and newness. It is the colour worn by a bride in the western world but is associated with death in other cultures. We also see white in the moon, in snow and teeth! It is also usually the only colour on a page before a piece of writing is created.

This month, we received another large batch of entries. Most of the submissions used the image of snow or ice for the theme of white. The second most popular white image was that of the skin colour of a character. There were a few entries that were of excellent quality and while the work contained something white in it, it didn’t quite capture the theme as well as our featured writers.

Our featured fiction writer this month is Csilla Toldy with her piece, The Rhythm of White. Rozz really liked how the author surprised her from the first paragraph, the way the narrator and her movements and flow are introduced is beguiling. This is an intense piece of shortness in fiction; it captures the most important moments of a young girl’s life and her first love through to middle age and the end, surrounded by her children. The end of the story releases us gently. Rozz was also impressed with the way the author subtly worked the theme of “white” and colour all the way into the piece without it being too obvious. It is a sad but uplifting to read but be ready to feel all of the feelings the narrator is. This will connect with all humans! Read the story here >>

Our featured poet is Afric McGlinchey with her poem Warming. The poem is set in icy glaciers but is warmed by an awakening. This poem, although set in frost, creates a warmth shooting through it like lava, creating an earthquake of ideas, a seismic shift. It could be the rise of a powerful thought, the rise of femininity, the rise of idealism blasting through conservatism.  Read the poem here >>

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Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis' first collection of poetry, Jewtown, was published by Doire Press in 2016. http://www.simonlewis.ie

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