Wife – Gerry Hanberry

For fourteen years she stood

beneath the balcony

of his affection,


watched his comings,

his goings,

listening in the dark


for meaning in his footfall,

in the sound of his key

turning in the hall door.


Until the night

his pearl-smooth laugh came

crackling over the balustrade,


hard as hail on bare shoulders,

she closed the orchard gate behind her

and went away.


Gerard Hanberry is an award-winning poet who lives in Galway. His fourth collection What Our Shoes Say About Us (Salmon Poetry) was published in July 2014. This follows At Grattan Road also published by Salmon Poetry in 2009. Hanberry’s two earlier collections were published by Stonebridge Publications, Wales. He is also the author of a biography of Oscar Wilde and the Wilde family called More Lives Than One – the Remarkable Wilde Family Through the Generations (The Collins Press, 2011). His work has appeared in Penguin’s Anthology ‘Windharp – Poems of Ireland from 1916’ and a stone plaque enscribed with his poem The Kasbah on Quay Street was unveiled on Quay St. Galway in April 2015.


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